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Project 365

365 hours, 365 lives & 365 stories


Use the button above to claim your 1 hour consultation at only INR 365!

What is Project 365?

Our mission is to touch 365 lives by giving away 365 Hours of Coaching at only INR 365. Please use the code PRO365 to avail the discount during checkout.

Why are you giving a heavy discount?

Our goal, above all else, is to be able to impact 365 lives and we believe that the best way of achieving that goal would be to make it super accessible to a diverse group of people.

What can I expect?

We will do our best to coach/guide or help you with any of the following concerns: prioritization, time management, stress management, emotional resilience, strategy, and planning.

How do I avail the discount?

Use the code PRO365 and add it in the Promo Code option during the checkout to receive the discount.

How can I participate?

You can participate in the project by availing one of the 365 Hours of coaching for your own growth and improvement. Please note that one person can only avail 1 session under this project.

Why are you even charging INR 365?

We are serious and committed to our mission and want to reach the committed and serious out there. So, INR 365 by no means breaks the bank, is symbolic, and also ensures that only committed individuals participate.

Will there be any upsell?

No. It is our promise that these sessions are about providing value to you and not about selling you something else later. However, if you wish to receive any further help and would like to enroll in any other services we provide, it is up to you.

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