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Get the best with a Personal Coach who not only understands you but always pushes you to the next level.


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Highly Personalized

An environment that is accepting and free from judgements, but capable of pointing you in the right direction.

Power Through Your Boundaries

Your coach will not only help you realize your potential but will always try to push you to the next level.

Overcome Blocks

Problems and issues don't have to be forgotten or left to compound. They can be solved immediately, facilitating substantial personal growth.


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Actions. I wanted to take action. I had a business idea for 10 months but I made little to no progress towards it. That caused a lot of frustration and I was upset with myself. After taking Personal Coaching by The Brain Vault, I made 10X the progress in just 10 sessions! I have gone from a vague idea to now getting my first client. The results speak for themself. I highly recommend taking these sessions if you want to change your life for the better or take massive action towards your ambitions.

Pratyaksh Dabas

Founder, Ascending Agents

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