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ARe hidden elements

STOPPing you from being
successful as you want to be?

Discover your sabotage elements to speed up your progress
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30 minutes and no more to deliver valuable insights.

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Very concise and effective, no time wasted in irrelevancies. 

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Speed up your progress by up to 3X.

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Address real concerns holding you back.

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Get better, practical direction towards your goal.

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A simple strategy to work you wonders.

30 Minutes Can Be Transformational

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself

Invest only 30 minutes today to discover your sabotage elements and receive a free strategy worth Rs 10,000/-


The reason we fail to reach our goals and live up to our potential is because we become our own worst enemy?

We fail to realize our own shortcomings, preventing us from fixing the root of all our challenges.

These become the hidden sabotage elements.

Knowing your Sabotage elements
is the first step towards success

That is why you should...


Know Your Coach

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Chief Diagnostic Officer,

Brain Vault

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Hundreds of hours of diagnostic experience

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Geared towards serving you and your needs.

Hi, my name is Rudra Patil. I'm here to help you out with your needs. Feel free to reach out to me with your concerns. I'm looking forward to serving you.

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the Free 30 Minutes Diagnostic Call

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