Our Story
Journey with 10 thousand steps

We live in a world where suffering is abundant, but so is human potential. We are gifted uniquely and have immense potential to progress mankind but it often goes to waste. Brilliant individuals succumb to the struggles of life or fail to tap into their vault of potential.

Our Paradigm Shift Programs are designed to change the way you approach your life and the problems in it and view things in a different light that enables you to live to your potential.

Our programs are rooted around Perspective Transcendence which enables you to rise above and use the same situations and circumstances to build you up, which currently tear you apart.

At The Brain Vault, that is at the heart of what we do.

Thoughts From Our Founders

Ninad Kulkarni

My ceaseless pursuit of self-refinement gives me a unique perspective on things in life. When it comes to my attitude, Marcus Aurelius sums it up the best, "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way, becomes the way."

Rudra Patil

I am a warrior to the core who loves being challenged. My experiences have taught me the lessons of humility. I strive for greatness by never giving up. Standing for people and leading by example are the values I live by.

Brain Vault

Unlock your vault of potential.

Brain Vault helps you to realign with your life and unleash that untapped potential. Our Perspective Coaching solutions catered according to your unique needs, keeping sustainable transformation in mind.

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