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Unlock your potential
with Perspective Coaching 

We empower you to view your challenges and situations favorably, so you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. 

Ready to unlock your potential? Currently we are giving away 365 hours of coaching to change 365 lives at only INR 365. Claim your session today!

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Project 365

365 Hours, 365 Lives, 365 Stories

We are giving away 365 hours of coaching

to change 365 lives

at only INR 365

Claim your session today!

This is What People Have to Say

Eunice Hepzibah, brand designer

Eunice Hepzibah, Brand Designer

"If you're like me who constantly likes to optimize their life to perform at their highest, then Brain Vault is the place for you! I was coached by Ninad, and he helped me in many aspects of my life and business. It helped me tackle my perfectionism and get work done! Which snowballed into me having one of the most productive months of my entire life! If you want to get the most out of your life, you should definitely get started with them!"

They have transformed their life. It's your turn now

How We Work

Our Philosophy

Thoughts → Actions → Results

Our thoughts mould our reality

These same thoughts,

Sometimes lead to irrelevant actions to yield undesired results

Sometimes lead to no action and therefore, no results

These undesired or no results impact beliefs and further influence thoughts


These thoughts keep recreating the cycle of failure


We train you on Perspective, the ability to look at things differently. That leads you to have favourable thoughts which leads to relevant action to give desired results


That enables you to have sustainable transformation and growth

About Us

The faces behind Brain Vault

We started this journey in 2020 after realizing that people spent a lot of time acquiring qualifications, degrees, and skills for the outside world, often ignoring to upgrade the most valuable asset, their mind. We saw many otherwise brilliant individuals being their own worst enemies, unable to perform towards their dreams. Unable to find practical options that were thorough, result driven and with sustainable growth in mind, we started the Brain Vault. That's why we chose to focus on training the perspective to help you manage your challenges, win the battle against yourself, and achieve anything you set your mind to. We're committed to helping you excel and reach your full potential. Join us on this journey and unlock your potential today!


Transform your life with Brain Vault - book your free consultation today! Get practical, result-driven & actionable solutions that will help you manage challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals. Don't wait - start your journey towards a brighter future now.

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